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If you have found your way here I appreciate you are reaching out for support. Taking the first step to reaching out to someone; especially a stranger takes courage. 

The aim of my website is to explain a little about me, my experiences and approaches to counselling.

Counselling is a collaborative task and it is my endeavour to travel alongside you on your journey. Whether that be finding your inner strength to cope with change and difficult decisions. Exploring and discovering your self; whatever that means and feels like to you.

My aim is to support you in making decisions that feel right for you.

Counselling can be a life changing experience; our struggles and present feelings can become a turning point towards a new direction.

When we understand our feelings and behaviours we may discover ways to move forward.

      There are many reasons for seeking therapy:

  • Grief/Loss

  • We may have experienced adverse childhood experiences.

  • ADHD

  • Stress, anxiety or depression.

  • Relationship difficulties.

  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and not able to see a way forward.

  • Life's transitions (e.g. employment issues, divorce, illness, becoming a parent/carer, children leaving home, relationships).

  • Experiencing a spiritual or existential crisis.

  • We need to be heard and tell our story.

  • We need to explore and understand our feelings and behaviour.



Mon - Sat

Some evenings


Please leave a message.

My voicemail is confidential

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